Other ways to help

Women In Crisis (Algoma) Inc. would like to thank the community for their tremendous support over the years.  It is through your generosity that we have been able to support women and children in many different ways.

After much consideration and heartbreak, we have decided that we are no longer able to accept used clothing, toys or books at the Shelter.  The donation bins have become a Health & Safety issue for donors, women and children and Shelter Staff.  This has been a very difficult decision, but we can no longer have the risk it creates for all involved.

With the support of the Kidney Foundation, you will still be able to donate to the Shelter by dropping off your donation at 424 Pim St. or having your donations picked up at your home.  If your bags or boxes of donations are clearly markedFor Women In Crisis they will credit us and then make a cash donation to WIC monthly.  With this money, we will be able to purchase new clothes for the women and children as needed and any other items they might require as they move forward in their life free from abuse and violence!

Thank you for your understanding in this matter  If you have any questions please contact us!

  • Local:             705.759.1230
  • Toll Free:       1.877.759.1230
  • Email:             elodge@wicalgoma.com

* PLEASE NOTE:  This does not include new clothing, household items or furniture.  Please call for further direction.

** Click HERE for a printable sheet of WOMEN IN CRISIS tags for your donations.

Thank you Very Much for your continued support!