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Women In Crisis provides free temporary emergency shelter & support services 24 hours a day / 7 days a week for women who have or are experiencing abuse & violence.

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It is a basic human right to live free of violence and fear. Every woman and her children have the right to be safe and to receive necessary supportive and adequate assistance both from the government and community-based service systems.

Telephone Crisis Line/Walk-in Service

Telephone Crisis Line

Given the control that perpetrators of violence have on the time and daily living conditions of victims of violence, women must have ready access to telephone crisis services as opportune times present themselves. Violence is inflicted on victims at all times of the day and night; therefore, WIC crisis services are available around the clock each day of the year.

Child & Youth Support Program

Child and Youth Support Program

The Child and Youth Program provides a friendly and educational environment where children are encouraged to identify, express and resolve feelings around the violence and abuse they may have witnessed and/or experienced. During their stay, children are helped to understand that they are blameless for the violence and that it is their right to be free of violence and abuse.

Family Court/Transitional Housing Support

Family Court Support

Due to the innumerable historical, social, institutional, economic and political barriers faced by women as they struggle to leave abusive relationships the provision of advocacy, information, assistance, and accompaniment will facilitate their efforts to establish violence-free lives in the community.

Counselling Services

Counselling Services

Sexual Assault/Abuse counselling is healing and empowering when conducted from a holistic and feminist perspective, which recognizes the strength of every woman and provides a supportive, non-judgmental environment where women can make informed choices and steer their counselling process.

Groups & Workshops

Groups and Workshops

Groups created for all women who have left or are leaving an abusive relationship covering topics designed to help women understand abuse & to learn to love and accept themselves as they are. We offer various Family Law Information workshops. Women who have experienced abuse and violence and have family law issues are welcome to register.

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What impact does Women In Crisis have in one year?

Women & Children accessed emergency shelter services
# of times 24h telephone and/or walk-in support and crisis services were accessed
Family court and transitional housing support services
Individual counseling services
Women accessed Sexual Assault/Abuse Counselling, Family Court Support and Transitional Housing Support

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Other Support

Ribbons of Hope

Despite the acceptance of movements like #Metoo, #NOTokay & #Startbybelieving a woman is killed in Canada every 2½ days as a result of domestic violence.

There are too many women and children whose stories are filled with pain, fear, despair and hopelessness. We invite you to help us weave Ribbons Of Hope throughout the narrative of their pain - offering them support, strength and ultimately hope for a new life free from violence. With a minimum donation of just $25, you will receive one of our beautiful locally handcrafted HOPE ornaments that you can proudly display and help spread awareness of this important issue.