To the mom who’s been made to feel like a failure

There is nothing more exhausting than being a parent, knowing you carry great responsibility to shape the life and future of your children, their trusting eyes looking to you for answers; and their small hands reaching out to you for comfort, for security. When you yourself are walking a journey filled with pain, fear and uncertainty; when…

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Understanding Sexual Abuse and Sexual Assault

Sexual Abuse is sexual exploitation of a child by a teen or adult. This can involve touching, fondling, kissing, exposure of genitals, genital contact, or intercourse. Sexual Assault is any act of unwanted sexual contact imposed by one person on another, ranging from touching or fondling, to oral, anal, or vaginal intercourse. Sexual Abuse and…

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Special mom is recognized for her enduring spirit

In a world filled with horror, pain and seemingly endless suffering, there is nothing more encouraging than hearing about how one person, one family, has found hope in the midst of the pain, has moved beyond the horror, and has come away as MORE than a survivor. If you are in need of hope and encouragement, then…

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Are You Man Enough

Not a whisper could be heard, not a dry eye could be found at the 38th Annual General Meeting for Women In Crisis held this past June 15th as stories of hope, courage and struggle were shared, stories such as Lauri’s.  The fight to end violence against women and children can at times feel overwhelming and hopeless – but it…

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Word of Thanks

Campaign to End Violence 2017 There are many moments when we can become discouraged with the work, the numbers and incidences of domestic violence, and feeling that change is not forthcoming…Then there are those times when we are  amazed as an entire community rises up, and says with a loud unified voice, “We will not condone. We…

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walk a mile event image of fireman wearing red heels

Who will YOU walk for?

Will YOU walk against Domestic and Sexual Violence? Will you choose to help empower and support women in our community as they move towards a future free from abuse and violence? On May 26, 2018 you will have the opportunity to join with your community and say with one loud voice, WE WILL NOT ACCEPT ABUSE AND VIOLENCE. Register…

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Walk a Mile in Her Shoes 2019

The 2nd Walk a Mile in Her Shoes ® event was another overwhelmingly successful day!  It may have been damp, rainy and overcast, but that did not stop this community from coming out and showing their support!  This year we asked men and women to rise up and choose to commit to ending violence. With…

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Walk a Mile in Her Shoes 2018

THANK YOU FOR ALL WHO PARTICIPATED IN WALK A MILE IN HER SHOES® 2018 At the Sault’s very 1st Walk a Mile event, nearly 185 people stepped up in high heels (and other fun footwear!) on May 26 starting from the steps of City Hall along the Hub Path on St. Mary’s River to help…

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