Are You Man Enough

Not a whisper could be heard, not a dry eye could be found at the 38th Annual General Meeting for Women In Crisis held this past June 15th as stories of hope, courage and struggle were shared, stories such as Lauri’s

The fight to end violence against women and children can at times feel overwhelming and hopeless – but it is the courage of the women, and the tenacity of the workers that can be beacons of light to press on, to never give up. And it was these messages that shone through the entire evening.

To wrap up the AGM that was composed of necessary business and accounts of the past years moments of despair and hope ~ those in attendance were pleasantly surprised by a presentation that announced the plans that are currently well underway to launch an upcoming Awareness Event.

Eight (8) Sault Ste. Marie City Police Officers and Sault Ste. Marie Firefighters rose from their table at the back of the room and then walked a few short painful steps to make their stand in full uniform at the front of the room all while wearing dainty red high heel shoes as a display of their support and solidarity in standing up against violence against women and children.

History of Walk A Mile In Her Shoes

In 2001 a group of men decided that they would make a public stand in support of women who were and are affected by abuse and violence. This group of men led by Frank Baird began what is now a world known Awareness Event called Walk A Mile In Her Shoes.

There are several ways that you can be involved in what we know will be an incredible community event:
  1. You can choose to become  a Corporate Sponsor  (click here for Sponsor Information Package)
  2. You can register yourself and others and form a team to WALK!  (click here for Registration Form)
  3. And you can share this information with everyone you know!

Let’s get the word out that the community of  Sault Ste. Marie stands publicly against violence against women!

Please see this story on Soo Today that was written about our 38th AGM.