Board of Directors Application

Board of Directors Application Form

  • Please share a brief excerpt of your professional and/or applicable personal experience/background and how you believe you will be a vital and influential role as a member of Women In Crisis Board of Directors’.
  • In a few sentences please describe your view/understanding of a Feminist perspective? How does that knowledge play a role in how you conduct your professional/personal life?
  • In what areas have we improved as a society/community in terms of Women’s’ Rights and Violence Against Women and children, and in what areas are we still needing to bring about change?
  • Please describe what you know about Women In Crisis, our vision, our mission and our mandate. How do you feel you currently play a role that coincides with our vision and how can you be an advocate for women in your daily life?
  • Is there anything else you wish to share about your knowledge, experience, and background?
  • Please attach a current Cover letter and Resume. Attention your Cover letter to: Membership/Nominating Committee
    Max. file size: 300 MB.
  • All Board of Directors must obtain a clear Criminal Reference Check in order to sit on our Board. Are you able and/or willing to do so?
  • To the best of my knowledge I am not aware of an existing relationship (close friendship/familial relation) with a current staff or Board member that would create a conflict of interest with my application.